Ten on Tuesday…if I make it that far…

6 Mar

1. This weekend was FULL of projects and orders to fill! I wish I could share them ALL but as usual they are for peeps that read this bad boy and we wouldn’t want to spoil anything would we?!?!
Sunday I did 12 owl cupcake toppers/favor tags, 2-7 inch versions of the cupcake toppers for other decor. 12 red wagon party favor tags. Finished “something” for Dayla’s baby GIRL shower! Sewed 4 Burp Cloths for an array of people. And finished a giveaway tumbler. I will share all of those things as soon as I can…

2. Saturday was the day we got to open “the beer” that C and his buddy brewed. It was DELISH! I can’t wait to have more! It tastes very similar to you know what!

3. Saturday night was girls night with Sassy while the boys went to the Blazer game. We went and saw The Vow. Very cute, however part of it I just wanted to cry like a baby because if that were to happen to me I would have absolutely died. It tore my heart up! If you haven’t seen it. Do.

4. Thursday was the 100th day of school. Well, actually that’s a fiblet. It was really Wednesday but Thursday just worked out better to celebrate it. Teachers lie. It’s what we do. The kids didn’t know any better. In all honesty, I only did it because I wasn’t going to be there on Wednesday and who wants to miss the 100th (or 101st) day of school? We do all sorts of crazy stuff. Make a necklace with 100 Froot (i just looked closely at the box for the first time and this is how it’s spelled) Loops. Make a snack with 100 pieces in it. It’s a pretty lameo snack if you ask me. There’s hardly anything in it! However, lots of different variety. We sorted and counted 100 pennies, and then sorted and counted some more. We made headbands that said “100” on them and put 100 stickers on them. Zero the Hero made an appearance from Kindergarten on his roller blades! (my principal is a nut!) Then we watched 100 minutes of tv. Haha just kidding. The kids loved it. However, they are a tad disappointed to find out that it’s not the last day of school. Happens every year.

5. Friday was Dr. Seuss’ birthday as well as “papermaking lady” day! woot woot! And did I mention pajama day? It was crazy and at the end of the day…the principal dressed up as Cat in the Hat and read some books to the kids. They LOVED it. They think he’s God. However I don’t think God dresses like Zero the Hero, but probably the Cat in the Hat.

6. 2/3 of my ring bearers have their outfits. They are so darn cute I can hardly stand it. I won’t release them on here! SORRY! =) Our ring bearers are 1, 2, and 3 years old (or will be when we get married) so pretty much anything that comes that small will be cute.

7. Today a certain weather “gal” is coming to visit with the kids and talk about her job. I am SURE I am way more excited than the kids but oh well! They are still working on the word, “meteorologist”. I will share pics next week.

8. Today started the 2nd round of speeches for our kiddos. They do 3 in a year. This topic was, “make something out of already used materials”. They had some darling ideas from bird houses to supply holders. I had one that was a typical “dad did it”. It was a pop can “robug” that actually had an “on/off” button and it made it vibrate on the table which made it sound like a fly or bee. You could also tell he had some “help” with the words. I am convinced parents think I am dumb.

9. Next Saturday is the best day of wedding planning…CAKE TASTING DAY!!! WOOT WOOT! We are pretty excited. I won’t be able to eat for like a week after that.

10. Here’s pics from the Birdie First Birthday from last week I did. Turned out super cute!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…if I make it that far…”

  1. Katrina March 7, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    It was a magnificent hit! Our little birdie was tickled with all the attention and birds!

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