Ten on Tuesday…

13 Mar

1. I am happy to report Rhonda Shelby (my mysterious weather gal) made it out alive! It was hit and miss for awhile and I was a tad embarrassed but we survived. #1 problem being that we had the kids sitting for 20 minutes before she even walked in. She brought a cool DVD with her that wouldn’t play in any of the 7 tv’s or 12 DVD players we tried. But like I said, we survived. Thank goodness she has a 6 year old and “gets us”.

2. Okay can I tell you how much I love The Hunger Games? It took me FOREVER to be convinced to read it…then FOREVER and a half to get “into” it…once I did…HEAVEN! I love it. I love it because it’s not too far fetched. It could really happen. It’d be creepy but it could. That one movie with the wolves and what not…not gonna happen! Can’t wait to see the movie!!!

3. 6 shopping days left until my BIG DAY PEOPLE! No not the wedding…BIRTHDAY TIME!!!!

4. 7 more school days till SPRING BREAKY BREAK! WOOT WOOT! It will be full of wedding planning and crafting which I LOVE!

5. Cupcake tasting well superbly and we got to eat lots of yummy flavors! They are ordered and set to go! Invites have been ordered…waiting for a mock up to approve! Hotel block has been booked which means this party is about to get STARTED! (the voice that said that in my head was dorky!)

6. Saturday I used my ComedySportz coupon for my birthday. If you have never been or don’t know what I am talking about…learn about it. It’s funny comedic improv that’s never ever the same! If you like that show “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” you will LOVE this place!

7. My kids finished up their speeches today. Miss K’s was classic. If you remember from last week…they were supposed to make something out of recycled materials. They had all sorts of cute ideas. She busts out a stuffed animal. I was a bit confused. Did she mistake her show and tell with her speech? I let her keep going. She went through every piece of her stuffed animal including the turny thing (official name) on the back that started the music…and told us she pulled each piece out of a different recycling bin and put it all together to make this dirty little stuffed animal. The kids were in awe. So was I actually. She actually had practiced it. I am still in awe.

8. The Boy went to Costco Sunday and brought us home some of these bad boys…LOVE THEM!

9. 2 hour delay!!! WOOT WOOT! We got a trace of snow and I got a text from the school district telling me to go back to bed!

10. I read a ton of sad blogs (I don’t know why!) and one I read is about The Hansen’s. I won’t tell you about it…BUT it’s a sad one! Anyway, their little boy is getting a “Wish” from the amazing Make a Wish Foundation. BUT that’s not all. They are headed to DisneyWorld and they are staying at a hotel that is just for kids with life threatening disabilities and illnesses. It’s called “Give Kids the World” and that’s what they do. Every Thursday is Christmas and Santa comes. It brought tears to my eyes just reading about it.


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. April March 13, 2012 at 10:39 am #

    I am so excited to see The Hunger Games! It took me forever to read the book, too. I just finished it last week and am going to wait a bit to start #2. No need to rush through them, right?

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