Ten on Tuesday…

20 Mar

1. Yesterday was my birthday and this was waiting on my porch when I walked out the door this morning at 6:15. Everyone thought it was Sassy…it was my sneaky mama!!!

2. This weekend I threw a baby shower for one of my bridesmaids. In case you missed my post about Della’s baby shower…you can check it out here!

3. Two of my friends at work brought me a LOVELY meal and gifts today at work! It was so sweet of them!

4. I scored this today too!

Thank you special friend!

5. My Boy gave me a really sweet yellow Nike Running Jacket…now I have to start running again. Was he trying to drop hints? He also took me to a nice Italian dinner on Friday night!

6. 3 days and counting till Spring Break starts. It would be a HUGE understatement for me to say WE ALL are looking forward to it!

7. A friend of mine’s family adopted this cat…it weighs 33 lbs. That’s a HUGE cat people!
PS This is not my friend…this is the Human Society worker.

8. My mom gave me this AWESOMELY darling jacket that I just love!
However it’s much cuter in person…why I couldn’t find it online is beyond me!

9. Saturday was Rose’s birthday so we celebrated in our usual style with Corned Beef and Cabbage thanks to her SIL and a good friend of mine! We were supposed to “hit the town” like us girls love to do every Saturday (who am I?) but Rose was sicky sick sick! This girl was tired anyway so we took a raincheck! Happy Birthday Rose!

10. Friday is the day we see THE HUNGER GAMES!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! We already bought our tickets after I probably drove my two friends crazy talking about getting tickets early because I heard 1,000 shows in the US have already been sold out! Can’t wait!!!!


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