Ten on Tuesday…

27 Mar

1. Spring Break started out with a wild and crazy trip to Seattle! Target #1: American Girl Doll Store! Target #2: EAT.EAT.EAT.

Saturday we started our trip at approximately 9:30 am and made it to the American Girl Doll Store by 3:oopm. Don’t worry. There were a few stops in there. I told the girls I would pay for them to get “Rebecca” and “Felcity’s” hair done. Here’s some pics.
Seriously check out the naps on those dollies!

At the salon: Ashley and Debbie (?, could be Denise, Dee Dee, Diane or Darlene) doing the hair

Darlene knew everything about Rebecca


The store was soooo cute! I highly recommend…however make sure it’s close to payday! Yikes! I fell in love with “Kit”.

How can you not love those freckles?!?!?

2. Our eating highlight was THIS…from the Crabpot. You may have seen it on Man vs. Food. (one of my fav shows!)
This mound of food included…crab, muscles, clams, potatoes, corn, and shrimp. It was LOVELY!

3. Friday morning I went to visit baby Olivia and her mama. She got some sweet kicks from her favorite Auntie with Nike connections.

4. Friday afternoon I met T and P for a movie and dinner date! We saw the Hunger Games…LOVE LOVE LOVED it! If you haven’t read the book DO NOT go see the movie. It was delightfully good!

5. Spring Break ALMOST started early but instead we settled for a 2 hour delay last Thursday. The streets and lawns were covered in white on March 22nd!!!! CRAZY!!!! As if the kids weren’t wacked out enough because of the break coming…we started 2 hours late!

6. My goal this week…go to jazz Tuesday-Friday…I CAN DO IT!

7. My kitchen has been swallowed by approximately 100 mason jars in a variety of sizes…can you guess why?!?!?!?

8. My sweet bridesmaid that resides in Athens, Georgia sent me the most darling birthday present. I convinced her to buy a Silhouette and she is the SHIZ at it!

9. Today is my future MIL’s birthday! I am trying my hand at a recipe from my friend’s blog called Miss Mallory Bakes for her dessert. (She made my baby shower cupcakes) Check out these SUPER YUMMY cupcakes! I am making mine into a cake. You’ve got nothing to worry about Mal! My cake even be half as good!

10. This week I am trying my hand at burlap for the first time. Making a few decorations for the wedding so I won’t post them on here until after the wedding. =) I like to keep things a surprise!


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  1. Lisa March 27, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    I even have to read this in Nepal!

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