Ten on Tuesday…

3 Apr

1. I have a new favorite show…well not a favorite but it’s pretty high up there. I think I told you about getting a ticket to go see John Edward. Well my new show is a similar thing. Theresa Caputo is also a medium. She’s the “Long Island Medium”. She communicates with people that “have gone beyond the living world”. She’s a hysterical Italian that loves to “read” people. She reads them everywhere, even when they aren’t asking! I saw her on the Anderson Cooper show last week and loved her even more. I would love to run into her and get a reading from her! Her show is on Sundays at 6 and 9 on TLC.

2. I forgot to show you how darling this ribbon wreath turned out! I made it for Della’s Shower and forgot to post about it. It didn’t match the shower theme so I put it on the wall next to the front door outside. It matches her nursery so she can hang it there. I absolutely LOVE it. It’s super duper easy however…ribbon isn’t that cheap and you need lots of it!

3. Sunday I got a new iPhone!!!! I absolutely love it. It was a birthday present from THE BOY. I had an iPhone 3 that was I borrowing from Heidi because my Android was a piece of crap! I thought the 3 was great although it got kind of slow. This thing is super quick and super awesome! It makes my Viggling way easier! I am up to 49,500 pts! I have enough to cash me in on some sweet giftcards!

4. Friday night Jeanna (one of my posse members) took me out for a SPECIAL birthday dinner. It was fantastic and as you can guess we came home stuffed to the brim! We started at Piazza Italia and if you are in the Portland area and you haven’t eaten there…You haven’t LIVED! I have been there a handful of times and absolutely LOVE it. My friend Lauren works there too so that makes it even more fun! It’s a true italian restaurant tucked away in the Pearl. I suggest reservations because it’s POPULAR! Or as my old boss used to say “it’s the place to be seen”. We ended with a lovely dessert and drinks at Paley’s Place. I had never been there but wanted to go and it’s TO DIE FOR also. Jeanna Beanna has great taste! I had a chocolate souffle that was heavenly. My only regret is that I ate so much at dinner I couldn’t finish my dessert! What is wrong with me?!!? It was a fantastic birthday present! Thanks Jeanna!

5. Sunday was clearly the day of registering for the entire Happy Valley area. We headed to Macy’s to register. Umm…everyone else had the same idea. We saw approximately 10 other couples there too. This one couple were too funny. She had her whole “Bride” bag getup and was taking photos (not just phone pics either) of them registering. Apparently she’s big into scrapbooking?!?! The Boy and I opted out of the photo session.

6. Saturday night we celebrated my birthday with the Semilliams…they came over and brought presents and cupcakes while The Boy cooked some Ranch Chicken from my new Pioneer Woman “Food from my Frontier” cookbook. It was delish! H and J got me this funny cat card…

7. We’ve now officially passed the 3 digit days until the wedding HOLY HECK!!!!!

8. Trying Zumba for the first time tonight…I’m not that excited about it but I’d like to try it. Who knows I may like it?

9. My friend Erin is expecting her baby any day now. She’s actually a week late!
Hope she comes soon!

10. Headed out to Old Navy…Friday is decades day at school…what kids choose decades day!?!?!? UGH…


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. Alison Glass April 3, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    Did you like Zumba or are you going to stick with Jazzercise? Where did you try it at? I love following you on this blog!!!! Love you kiddo!!!!!

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