Ten on Tuesday…

10 Apr

1. It was a long Lent but I made it!!! Starbucks and I have rekindled and it’s GLORIOUS!!!! The day before I went back…I got a LOVELY eGift from a LOVELY bridal posse member straight out of SALT LAKE CITY!!! Let’s hear it for Lisa!!!! Thanks Lis Lis! xoxo

2. Friday was Decade Day at school. I think it was more for the teachers than anything but some of the kids did pretty well! My FBB (freakin best buddy) and I went for the 80’s because who doesn’t love the 80’s?!?! And needless to say it wasn’t tough finding gear because it’s all back in style!

3. Taking a break from this because I have some priorities…it’s called “Go do the dishes because it’s not attractive to have dirty dishes on your counter because the sink is full too” BRB

Okay dishes done…back to business…

4. Remember last week when I posted that my friend Erin was supposed to have her baby anyday? She was in labor at the hospital while I was writing that! Crazy! Lucy Kay was born at 12:15ish Wednesday morning. She’s darling!!!!

5. Friday night we had dinner with this boy and his parents….LOVE LOVE LOVE him! He’s darling! Thanks for having us over Hawkins’!!! Yes, you read that correctly…they have a new baby and they had us over! What the heck right?!?!

6. I am knee deep in an online class to finish up this pay level (it’s only taken me six years, LOSER!)…I am half way done and can’t wait to finish! I didn’t like the academic part of school when I was in it let alone now!!!

7. Saturday we met up with some cool peeps (Semilliams and MalTone) and saw American Reunion! It was pretty funny and The Boy plans on going 7+ more times. Apparently he saw this first one 8 times in the theater?!?!?

They had this fun little photobooth in the lobby so Justin and I were waiting for the “Pee’ers” to come out.

8. I am waiting with baited breath (I don’t really enjoy that saying) for my tax refund to be deposited into my checking account. If you want some advice…buy a house. =)

9. The story of my teaching life. I post my parent newsletters online. I handed out approximately 986 notes at the beginning of the year saying that I do that to save paper and printing (we are on a budget around here peeps!) I even handed out 865 of them telling them how to subscribe and get it in their inbox! After noticing that I didn’t have a lot of readers on it I decided to actually just send it as an email. I had one parent say, “I like that you are writing a newsletter now!”…awesome…thanks…appreciate it. (banging head against the wall now)

10. We are now officially ALL registered for our wedding! Whoever invented this site and the many others like this is pure GENIUS!


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  1. Kathi ... Roman and Max Neenah:) April 10, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

    Help me find you registration information ( oh I made a rhyme)

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