Ten on Tuesday…

17 Apr

1. Friday night was a PARTY night! We headed to a local elementary school to see our favorite 3rd grader in the talent show. Her and her friend did a little jump rope routine…SUPER CUTE! Then we had Godfather’s for dinner. We chose it. We ate there. We checked each other for drugs afterward. It was weird.

2. Saturday was the A-team and Rylee’s 3rd birthday! Can you believe they are three?!?!? I made them some extra large cupcake toppers to their liking. They all have a “thing” for whatever is on their cupcake. My favorite is the German Shepard!




3. Loving this new song I have been hearing on the radio…I still love it because they haven’t quite over played it yet…I found this video on a blog I read called Today’s Letters
What I didn’t realize is they all play on ONE guitar! Take a looksie!

4. Last Wednesday was my principal’s birthday. He’s quite the jokester so I knew we could get away with this one. We paid someone off to let us in his office and went to town. It only took about 40 minutes and WAY less Post Its than we had bought in preparation!
Here’s a small portion of our work: (the hot chick in the chair is not the principal, that’s my darling friend Sue! how cute is she?)

5. Thursday we had a “details” meeting with the wedding coordinators at our venue. And when I say details that’s what I mean. I love this kind of stuff! We have it down to the minute and moving and shakin! I can’t wait! 79 days and counting!

6. Speaking of 79 days…when I see this I’m like “SHIT THAT’S NOT VERY LONG!” and then I see KDL’s (kid days left) at school..which is 42 and I think…”DANG THAT’S SO LONG!” It’s all perspective!

7. The Boy has been working hard on getting some garden boxes in the backyard. I can’t wait till we have a little garden in there! Soon!!!

Don’t mind the awesome satellite dish you can see at the top of the picture! It makes me want to cry!

8. When I got home from Jazz to the (She kicked my bunz tonight) size…there was a cozy little blankie waiting for me in the corner of the couch…The Boy said “Sometimes I get you flowers and sometimes I get you a blanket!” It’s pretty cute too! I think he just wanted me to stop using his. How can you blame me? It covers my entire body head to toe! And now I have one that does too!

9. I have gotten my first two rewards on Viggle! A gift card from Starbucks and one from Sephora! I figure it’s worth the minute to “Check In” if I can get free shiz!

10. Today marks the day of another round of allergy testing! Is it bad that I’m excited? I get to find out how much improvement I’ve made! I feel like I’m going to my own IEP (individualized education plan) or something!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. April April 17, 2012 at 3:54 pm #

    Those garden boxes look awesome!! Wish we coulda seen Mr. L’s reaction!! LOL!!

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