Ten on Tueday…

1 May

Oy Vey! I missed last week. I had a field trip that day and 100% of my mind was on that and how I could try and lose not to lose 30 monsters. Make that 29 because one of them “wasn’t in the mood” so she went and got a massage instead. I can’t make this stuff up!
Anyway, back to business…

1. First things first…Miss Eisley June Parker entered the world EARLY Saturday morning at 2:22am weighing 7 lbs. 2 ounces! She was two weeks early and clearly didn’t want her family to have dinner at our house before her appearance! (they were supposed to come for dinner Saturday night)

Here she is one day old. Gramma was playing dress up!

2. I finally got to see Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. Super disappointed. Just not what I thought. Kind of weird. But I also rented the new Footloose which is pretty cute!

3. Wednesday night found me working the 2 hour shift at Mickey D’s! A lifelong dream and it came true! Our staff worked at McDonald’s to raise money! It was super fun and super busy!
I will leave you with one of my favorite skits from Anjelah Johnson in memory of this fine occasion!
king burger

4. The love of my life turned the big 34 last Monday! We celebrated at Fire on the Mountain (yummo!) with some great friends and family. Happy Birthday Chuckie Boy!

5. Tuesday after the crazy field trip I made my way over to the allergist for my bi-weekly shots (that means every other week right?). This one was a doosey! I have to wait 30 minutes, that’s ten extra that everyone else incase you’re wondering. Why you ask? To make sure you don’t have a systemic reaction. So my 30 minutes were up and I headed home. By the time my 10 minute drive home was over…I was a MESS! My eyes were swollen and itchy, my nose felt like someone shoved grass up there (#1 allergy) and my shot locations were horribly red and swollen (that’s normal though). The rest of the night was like I had a bad cold! It was crazy! The next morning I woke up with VERY swollen eyes and a red rash on my injection sites. Looks like we take a few steps back next time! I know what you are thinking…why do you get these done if they cause this? Well, it’s helped TREMENDOUSLY over the past two years. Like crazy helped…so it’s all worth it to me!


How cute are these? I saw a lady at Target today with them on and I want a pair so badly! Do I need them? No. Will I buy them? Not now…but maybe eventually!

7. Wednesday was Kindergarten Round-Up. Yes, we had quite a busy week on the mountain! I don’t teach Kindy but was helping out my FBB…the best kid comment all afternoon, “Don’t you guys have video games at this place?” There was one disappointed little fella that’s for sure!

8. I brought the running out! That’s right. Last Sunday I ran. My goal…sadly…one lap around the lake. That’s equal to 1/3 of a mile approximately. Then I re-thought that. Nah…I bet I can do 5 minutes. Oh who amd I kidding my little friends…guess what I did? Don’t laugh you little runny runner pants’ out there…I DID 1.5 MILES!!! Before I started “running” last year I could have never run .25 miles without training. Now…now I start at 1.5?!?! What the heck is that business?!?! That’s fan freakin tastic! Incase you didn’t know…I haven’t run in 8 months. So I was pretty thrilled at that accomplishment…so I did it again this Sunday but I knew I needed to add a little. So I did 1.74 don’t ask me why it wasn’t 1.75 or for goodness sakes it wasn’t 2 miles. It was just 1.74 okay…hopefully I can get at least one run in before this next Sunday run too.

9. Saturday is my first shower and I CAN’T FREAKIN WAIT!!! It could be better than a birthday…I will let you know! It’s just so cool to be celebrating this time with my favorite peeps and I love throwing other people showers so having one for myself that I don’t know a thing about is fantastic!!!!

10. Invites go out today!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!


One Response to “Ten on Tueday…”

  1. Jaime May 4, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Just an FYI on your polka-dot converses….I was out the Tumwater Fred Meyer yesterday and they had a couple pairs of those shoes on the clearance rack with an extra 60% off so maybe check your local Fred Meyer store!!

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