Ten on Thursday?

24 May

I haven’t been on here in a couple weeks. And I started this Monday night for Tuesday…and now it’s Thursday…oy vey! Busy much? Sorry about that. Clearly ya’ll missed me by all the emails, Facebook comments, Pings, chats, Tweets, voicemails and snail mail you sent me. Sheesh a girl is loved…=) My biggest fan out in SLC didn’t even say anything! RUDE!

Anyway, back to business…

1. Saturday was shower #2. It was LOVE LOVE LOVELY! Thrown by 3 of my favorites and it was beautiful! Lots of people were there and again…I was overwhelmed by the generosity of people. Yes, they are my friends and family but goodness sakes people…we are in tough times ya know! But I thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart because it was fun and good for my soul! So thank you Rose, Trishy, and Sass!

2. Thursday was Art Night at our schoolio which was unfortunate because this girl had tickets to see a MEDIUM! (more on that below)…HOWEVER, I didn’t forget to purchase my tickets to the raffle. I wanted 3 different baskets. 1-a spa basket with like a thousand nail, massage, etc. giftcards 2- the money tree from my FBB’s (freakin best buddy) class…yes, a money tree. That sucker had over $120 bones! 3- Summer reading…had a bunch of those book things in it, a cooler, and a chair and some other goodies…but wait for it…it had a…KINDLE!!! And guess what?!?!? I won that one!!! I never win! I used to win. I used to win coloring contests a lot down at the local Thriftway. One time I won a small stuffed bunny. Both my cousins won too. Rigged much?
So I’ve been playing with the Kindle…haven’t read anything on it but playing with it is just as good.

3. Have you guys heard this darling song by Carly Rae Jepsen? It’s called “Call Me Maybe”. It’s pretty cute. I downloaded it this morning and listened to it every time my kids walked out the door. It’s super catchy.

4. Saturday after my shower, we celebrated Marisa’s birthday at Bar Bar on N. Mississippi. Trendy little area for you “out of towners” that we never go to unless we are in the mood to wait in the cold for an hour for an amazeballs breakfast at GRAVY. We just aren’t that hip. Anyway, we headed to Bar Bar (it makes you want to say everything twice) and we found this…a Box Box! The Box Box came with nuts, grapes, cheese, salami, and candied walnuts all nicely situated in an antique “cash box”. Very interesting.

5. John Edward…man oh man. Do ya’ll know of him? He’s freakin cute, he’s amazing, and I really want to join his fan club “the Five”. Anyway, if you have never heard of him… sit back and enjoy my story. Don’t judge until you’ve seen it, been there, or done it. He says he likes skeptics…I don’t. Here’s his deal. He’s a psychic medium. My mom and I started watching his show “Crossing Over” very shortly after my sister passed. I want to say within weeks but I would have to confirm with mother. Anyway, we were intrigued. This man is amazing. He communicates with those that have “crossed over”. Yes, they have passed away. It’s incredible and I can’t begin to explain it to you. You have to see it. It’s 1,000 times more powerful in person too. His show went off the air and we were incredibly sad. We flew to Texas to meet some friends for another purpose and we missed him being there by about 3 days. We were disappointed because at the time he wasn’t “on tour” like he is now. About a year ago, Long Island Medium came on TLC. She’s very similar to John. However, I think a lot of her “extras” are part of the tv. I believe 100% she reads, but after hearing John I think she does some things that aren’t good “medium etiquette”…personal opinion and I love watching her still! Anyway about 7 months ago my mom mentioned he’s coming to Portland…then she mentioned she got a ticket, and then she mentioned I should get one. So I did. We waited a LONG 7 months and the day finally came on Thursday. We were so excited. However…we didn’t get read. There were over 300 people there and I would say we only had time for about 8 different groups? Groups meaning 1-3 people that had come with each other. We had prepared ourselves not to as you just don’t know. But the people that did get read…INCREDIBLE. There’s absolutely NO WAY he could make this up, and these people would not have the reaction they do if this was “planned”. If you get a chance go visit his site at http://www.johnedward.net I started following him on Twitter and I just adore him. Someday my mom and I will get a personal reading. I guarantee this!

6. A friend that teaches down the street asked me a few weeks ago if I could make her a clipboard like the ones on Pinterest! Of course I could! So after ordering the wrong size clipboards, I finally got hers done and sent through “The Pony Express”…I love those words. If you need an end of the year teacher gift let me know!!!! Here’s her scoop on it! Chickadee Jubilee

7. Tonight we have our final DJ meeting! Have I mentioned how awesomely awesome our DJ is? And he doesn’t charge extra for it either! I am excited because we have some fun things in store. I think they are fun…The Boy thinks they are fun…and that’s all that matters!

8. One week until the RSVP’s need to be in! So if you are reading this and you haven’t returned yours…GET ON IT! We need it!

9. A couple weeks ago I had a Jewel Kade party. My friend Amy just started up her business and it’s DARLING stuff. She helped me make something awesome for my bouquet that I am super excited to show off…but not yet! =) Check out her website at https://amydeffenbacher.jewelkade.com A few friends also got some great personalized things. This jewelry if very unique and worth checking out! After the wedding I PROMISE to share everything about the wedding on here, because of course I couldn’t invite the whole world. =(

10. As I write this THE BOY (he may kill me for posting this) is interviewing for a permanent position at the “atheltic shoe and apparel company” that he’s been temping for. Praying that he gets this. It will be so good for him and us. I will let ya know!


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  1. Lisa May 25, 2012 at 7:14 am #

    Uhh I was just thinking yesterday that I haven’t seen this in a while!

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