3rd shower…

7 Jun

Friday afternoon brought my third and final shower. I have loved every single one of my showers and they have all been VERY different!
This one was from the peeps at school. Thank you Theresa, Sue and Tess!

The Darling Invite

Sweet Olivia! An old co-worker’s babe!

Sweet Baby Jane! She’s my teaching partner’s babe!

Daring Banner!

Party Favors!!!

Dessert! Key Lime pies in jars from my favorite pie place!!! www.pdxpies.com

How about this cake made of towels? So cute!!!! My friend Shugs made this for me. She is a fan of the diaper cake so when you aren’t having a baby that’s kind of awkward to give your friend a diaper cake!

This Darling little “Getting Hitched Bridal Kit” was a gift from some sweet creative friends! They made this on their own! Inside is all the necessities needed for my big day from bobby pins, to breath mints, to a lint roller, and kleenex! They are too creative!

Thank you girls for such a sweet shower!!! I loved every minute of it!!!!


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