I think it’s Tuesday…

26 Jun

1. So I think it’s Tuesday and someone told me that I used to post these Ten on Tuesday things so I thought I’d pull one out cause I really have NOTHING else to do! Please excuse any and all typos. Cause they are just typos.

2. I am getting married in 8 days. No joke. I can’t even believe it. People keep asking me if I am nervous. I have been planning this thing for 6 months and I still feel like it’s months away. Perhaps when the Out of Town Posse members show up it will be real?!?!?

3. Saturday I ran my 3rd “official” 5k in my life. It was good except my iPod crapped out on me RIGHT when we started. It was a joke. So I ran and tried to sing, talk, whatever I could do to make the time pass. NOTHING. The ironic thing about this whole situation. Another friend that ran it was using Pandora and shew as nervous she might not get a good internet signal so I told her jokingly..”oh don’t worry if it doesn’t work you can run next to me with one of my earbuds in. Not so funny. But I did it. Ran the whole stinkin thing with no music. Sorry about the picture quality…


After with the whole club

4. My first posse member shows up Saturday afternoon! I can’t wait! I haven’t seen her in 2 years! She lives in Georgia and it’s been TOO LONG!

5. My second posse member shows up Monday morning! I can’t wait! I haven’t seen her in a year (I can’t actually remember) She lives in Utah and it’s been too long!

6. I’d Cap That! A friend recommended this app to me! It’s HILARIOUS! It puts random captions on your photos and sometimes they are just TOO GOOD! Here’s one that’s cute.

7. Saturday before the race we went to a dance recital. Some good friends of ours have 2 girls that dance. One does hip hop and the other does jazz and ballet. I only got one pic..I don’t know how that happened! Here’s miss sassy!

8. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Real Housewives, however I am sad OC is ending tonight! I feel like it just came on! It’s my favorite too. These ladies are wack-a-doos!

9. I just turned on “Craft Wars”…it really excites me. We’ll see how it goes! It looks like Pinterest on TV! My kind of show!

10. Okay I need to go find something to tie, cut, stamp, or sew!!!


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