Some Facts/Funnies About Our Wedding…

22 Jul

Most of your are on Facebook minus JESSICA! So you’ve seen pics and what not…here’s the background info you may not know.

1. The cupcakes were the SHIZ-NIT! We got them from Lamb’s Bakery in the Thriftway in Wilsonville. I can’t even describe to you how good they were.

2. Our photographers were like having our best friends there. They were chill beyond belief and were there in an instant if you had something you wanted a pic of. They even listened to me bitch at one point. 5 second bridezilla moment!

3. The weather was PERFECT. I know that perfect doesn’t exist…but it did that day. Not too hot and not too cold and PERFECT.

4. We walked BACK down the aisle to “I’m Sexy and I Know It”…it was awesome.

5. One ring bearer (minus the rings) SPRINTED down the aisle. =)

6. My husband wasn’t aware that the garter doesn’t go to your underwear!

7. Jeanna went to the bathroom with me approximately 6 times to hold my dress. TROOPER!!! Thanks Jeanna!

8. We forgot 2 people’s placecards…EMBARRASSING!!!

9. I owe my sanity to Christie. She was like having an assistant and I think I may want one now. She arrived from Georgia Saturday evening and didn’t stop taking notes, making lists, checking lists off, making phone calls as me, texting people as me, running errands for tin buckets, picking up forgotten suits, till she left on on Friday. She was amazing! Thanks ACP for everything!!!!!!

10. Our guests thought they had come out for a food tour rather than a wedding. We ate at every “cool” place around. They probably gained 15 lbs each by the time they went home!

11. We took pics at Twilight so we jumped in a golf cart with the photographers to get the perfect pic. C was driving, I was shotgun, and J & J were hanging on to the back…until we turned a corner and J was actually running behind us because he fell off! Then the other J happened to be in some long grass getting the perfect shot and he comes FLYING out saying “Slugs! Slugs! There’s like 1,000 slugs in there!” We laughed a lot.

12. While taking pics before the wedding, C and I were with the photogs on the course near this shed/tunnel for the carts. We were leaning against the shed and C was about a foot away from a golf ball leaving it’s mark on his leg. All we heard was “Thud! OH SHIT!”

13. We booked a hotel for our friends to stay in afterward and arranged for a shuttle to come get everyone. VERY WORTH IT! Anyway, we went with this particular hotel because they had a bar open till 2am and we weren’t sure we weren’t going to want to keep partying afterwards. So we get in the shuttle and talk to the driver about the bar and he’s informed us that the bar closed at 8!!!! What the heck?!?!? This could have explained why our room was compted? Rumor has it there was an after party in someone’s room. Not ours! C was roaming the halls looking for some food! We were starved!

If I think of more I’ll do another one for ya!


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