Ten on Tuesday…HOLLA!

7 Aug

1.) First and foremost I am back at it. There’s really been no reason I haven’t blogged since the wedding except for the fact that nothing remotely exciting has been going on since then! That was the highlight folks and I have to say it was a good one too! Let’s see if I can think of 9 things that will be semi-interesting to you.

2.) I am back in the running saddle big time. Almost at 4 miles. That’s my goal tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I do. And don’t hate on the 4.

3.) Our wedding pics FINALLY came back!!!! So freakin exciting! It’s like re-living the day over again and over again and over again cause I’ve looked at them approximately 2 times per day…and there’s like 4,568 of them. It would be super helpful if there was a button I could push to take certain ones out of the “slideshow” because some are just down right NOT OKAY! Cause I am a girl and am hard on myself and don’t want to see myself without makeup on EVER AGAIN!

4.) I just finished watching darling Aly Raisman do her do their little gymnastics thing….The USA coach is now protesting her scores! Bela Karolyi started the whole protest. Don’t mess with the best! And because of it she got a higher score and got the BRONZE!!! GO ALY!!!

5.) I got this new little gadget to help me with my running. It’s fantastic to have it right there are your finger tips! I know what you are thinking…”well her husband works at Nike so I am sure she got it for cheap…” WRONGO! I got it for $4.00 cheaper than Suggest Retail Price. So take that. I promised myself one if I didn’t walk during the Twilight Run and I didn’t and I should have bought myself TWO because I didn’t walk and I didn’t have music either!

6.) Since getting back from the moon of honey, I opened my shop back up and it’s like wam bam! Lots of biz and that makes me super happy because homegirl and homeboy have some BILLS! If you have no idea what I am talking about…click on my “Etsy Shop” button over there———> in the sidebar and check things out!

7.) Sunday we went to the Melting Pot for dinner. OY VEY! We had a generous gift given to us by some awesome friends a few months prior to our wedding. It was specifically given as a treat for us to go have a nice dinner. Well, we didn’t do it then so Sunday we finally did! SO GOOD! If you haven’t been there…go…it’s delish! But I have to say that Urban Fondue is just as good and a little cheaper I believe!

8.) I am not a fan of Ryan Schmocte (his parents house is in foreclosure and you’d think their richie son could help them out a little? or is this all a scheme?) so I am glad he didn’t do as well as Michael (we are on a first name basis apparently). From what I have read multiple times and seen of him…he’s not such a wholesome guy and you know how I like them wholesome!

9.) 28 days until that THING starts. Don’t even say it. Why does summer go by fast and winter goes by so slow? I don’t get it.

10.) The hubs and I have been playing camping on the living room floor. We don’t have A/C because like who needs it in Oregon? Well we do like twice a summer and we have hit that point. I think today we are back in our bed though thanks to below 90 degree weather.

Okay folks I did it. And in less than a half hour. But I can’t take responsibility of the lameness of this thing. It’ll get better ya know!


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