Ten on Wednesday…whatever…

29 Aug

This is my 401st post. Sorry I didn’t announce the 400th. You probably expected a big party or something.

This is going to be all about school so if you don’t like it when I talk about school…sayonara! (that’s japanese for see ya!) But there’s a good chance I’ll throw in a random event because I won’t be able to think of 10 even though there are like 302 things swimming in my head right now.

1. Today was our third day back. I think I should have started “practicing” school bed time a LONG time ago. Call my but KICKED!

2. My favorite feature in my room is this…

It’s my door. With vinyl lettering because I like to letter everything. I am thinking of adding a little something…not sure though. If I did it’d be polka dots in colors…we’ll see.

3. As of this morning at 10:30 I have approximately 33 kids in my class this year. Whatever…or as I say to my principal…”This is stupid!” And for those of you that are thinking “Well, she has an aide,” No…I do not have an aide. There are aides at my school but they are not my personal assistants which I would enjoy tremendously. There’s nothing like having someone there so you can go to the bathroom once in awhile!

4. Tomorrow we meet all the newbies…newbies meaning the kids that didn’t attend Kindergarten at my school last year. There are 19 of them. We believe this could be an all time high. They are lucky dogs and get a sneak peak of the classroom!

5. I only have 30 cubbies in my classroom for the children to put their reading things…but I have at least 33 kids. So hubby is building me extra cubbies. He’s such a stud muffin.

6. My children will be reading MUCH more non-fictional text this year. Now go Google non-fiction because if you aren’t a teacher you probably forget which one is which. It’s so confusing!

7. I bought two new pair of pants for school today. Sadly that will probably be it for new school clothes right now…no time no time! I still wish teachers wore uniforms.

8. I have a student teacher this year from January until April and I am so excited I can hardly stand it! She is SUPER awesome and she’s coming to help me tomorrow! Holla!!!!!

9. I got two cortizone shots in my feet today (holy crap it hurts!) and I am throwing myself a pity party right now. All are invited. See I couldn’t keep it to just school.

10. I am going to have a FABULOUS class this year…I can feel it in my bones!


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