Ten on Tuesday…

4 Sep

I bet you can’t even believe I am posting on the first day of school can you?!?! Me either quite frankly but read on to find out why…(be prepared if you read my facebook today to hear some repeats!)

1. I have a BOMB.COM class! Last year at this time I was drinking and crying. This year, I am good as gold!

2. I have a new last name since getting married (which is really hard to remember!)…crazy I know! Anyway I heard one little girl in another class call me “Mrs. Whiskers”…she’s super close…it sounds a lot like whiskers but it’s hilarious because I despise cats incase you didn’t know!

3. A mommy brought me cookies at the end of the day…did I mention they were WARM! Oh man they were heavenly! I left them at school so I wouldn’t eat them all today! Um…I wouldnt take cookies from a stranger just so ya know!

4. I have 31 kids. Two with the same name, then two that have the first name that is two other kids’ last name…so like if Charlie Brown was in my class…then I have another kid named Brown Smith. Get it? It makes things confusing!

5. I just took a break to do dishes that have been sitting in the sink since Thursday-ish…GROSS!!!!!!! I don’t even know who I am! In my defense we were out of town this weekend?

6. I just cut my finger handwashing two knives at one time. My dreams as a knife juggler have been crushed. If I was writing things there would be blood on the paper. Instead I am typing with only my middle finger on my right hand. I am pretty good actually.

7. When we need to stay in Spokane we have always stayed in the same shady hotel…it’s cheap people and it’s less than 12 hours. So anyway we were on a mission to find a new one. I gave up after seeing Labor Day prices so The Boy took over. He was excited he found a new place to try out for a comparable price which equaled expensive. Anywho we eat dinner and head to the new place. We had a really hard time finding it even with Maps on our iPhones. It turns out it’s the same stinking hotel but it changed it’s name! MUNSONED…again!

8. We got a new fridge for the garage!!!! Holla! It’s a beer extra space fridge for frozen food and what not. Now our garage can be put back together. We have beverages everywhere!!! Thanks cousins for selling us your fridge!!!

9. We got a call last week from Costco..LOVE THEM…that we needed to bring our mangos back because they had salmonella. I love them even more now. However, I think they should provide a pick up service because I just can’t get there!!! Tomorrow…tomorrow…

10. Also, today I took DARLING pics of my kids but forgot to bring my camera home to show you!!! Next week! Or maybe a special post?!?!


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