10 Sep

I know what you are thinking…why is she blogging so much? I dunno. I read a few blogs that I count on everyday so I thought I’d hang with the cool kids. We’ll see how this works out. Sometimes I just got nothin!

Tonight we broke out one of our wedding gifts…THE JUICER!!!! We got a few of them so we kept the one that_________________gave us. Yes, it’s taken us two months to get it out so sue us! It’s not like it wasn’t out of the box or anything. It just hadn’t been used. So we he loaded up in veggies and fruits and BOMBS AWAY!!! I can’t say that it was the most delightful thing I’ve ever tasted. It was green. When I was a youngen I wouldn’t eat anything green. NOTHING…if a frozen pizza (my favorite thing in the world) box had green things on the picture…I sure as heck wasn’t eaten it. I am SURE my mom LOVED those companies for that added bonus.

We are taking bets on who’s going to be in the bathroom first…TMI? Sorry.


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