Call Me Maybe?

13 Sep

So last Friday we welcomed a new very charming friend to our classroom. He is absolutely darling, as they all are. I was explaining to the children that we were going to our “Hawk Happenings” which is an assembly at the end of the day every other Friday and we would see a variety of things. I told them that sometimes classes even sing. So this brand new little darling comes up to me and says, “Um…do you think I could sing at this assembly?” I was baffled of course because who talks on the first day let alone wants to sing in front of the school?!?!?! I explained to him that he should save that for the talent show and he’ll get a chance to sing with our class. Well, he wasn’t exactly satisfied with my answer so his next question was, “Can I sing for the class?” Sure buddy no problem. Then he says, “Well I am kind of shy…” Hmmm…nope I don’t think so dude. Sing away. So he did. It was awesome. He sang a song he learned at church and the kids cheered for him and told him how brave he was.

Monday morning rolls around…two other kids now ask if they can sing. I tell them if there’s time after we have packed up they can go to town. So they all hurry quickly to pack up and so begins our First Grade on going talent show. Today we had five singers, which included one of my favorite songs…”Call Me Maybe?”. Also on today’s playlist we heard… “Payphone”(I can’t make this stuff up), another which I think is a Taylor Swift song but I can’t be 100% sure as we are still working on our voice projection, Dynamite and the other was 100% unidentifiable.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


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