Ten on Tuesday…

9 Oct

Where have I been? Let’s get back on track shall we?

1. I just burned the living crap out of my fingers.  It had something to do with me cooking.  I don’t cook.  I did though and I have burns.  Oh well I didn’t need those three finger pads anyway.  I have seven more afterall…

2. I made this for dinner Monday night.  It was good. Like really good.

3. Did anyone see that game Saturday night?  DAMN is all I have to say about that.  They freakin won the day!

4. Our current addiction is to Sangria in all shapes sizes and colors.  We prefer in the box because we are THAT classy!

5. I am little obsessed with this item.  We got some a long time ago (2 years maybe) at Costco.  Then just as Costco does…it stopped carrying them.  I was sad.  How else did they expect me to get my fruits & veggies in?!? Well low and behold they are back.  They called out to me from the center aisle.  It was glorious! Yes it’s a juice box and no I don’t care they are for kids.

6.  It’s baby season again!  And no it’s not me!  One of my bridal posse’ members is knocked up!  It didn’t happen at the wedding don’t worry.  She’s due March 23…seems pretty close to March 19th if you ask me.  =)

7. Have yall been watching the RealHousewives of New Jersey Reunion?!?!?!  Holy Drama Batman!  I don’t usually watch the reunions.  They are boring and just fight about stuff they have already fought about.  But this one…DANG!  It’s good.  Theresa’s husband Joe is SCUM and so is she.  Gross! Love Caroline and Jaqueline! I’m in a dilemma right now because I am not really a fan of Miami and that’s what is on! GRRRRR…

8. Doesn’t my niece look like Michelle Tanner?  I am on a Full House kick right now, but my cousin put this on her FB today and a bunch of people agreed.  YOU GOT IT DUDE!

9. These look a tad amazing!  I love peppermint and who doesn’t love sugar cookies?


10. Happy Columbus Day Yesterday!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. April October 9, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    Sangria in a box? We should hang out. And I LOVE the drama with the Jersey housewives! The seasons just keep getting better! I am Team Gorga all the way … Teresa is froot loop cray cray, and Juicy Joe is a d-bag. Total train wreck! They make for some great entertainment though!
    Your niece does look like Michelle Tanner!! Y’all gotta teach her how to say “You got it dude!” Loved that show!!

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