Ten on Tuesday…we’ll try this again!

6 Nov

1. It’s baby time again!  No it’s not me!   My list has grown to 9 people I know are pregnant!  What?  That’s crazy!

2. Monday I saw someone driving down the road with a Christmas Tree on top of their car…what in the world?!?!

3. Today is the BIG day…did you vote?  I will keep my vote a little secret since the topic of politics is NOT something I like discussing!

4. Monday we picked up an exercise bike for a VERY good price.  Since my little foot injury I can only ride a bike and swim.  So why not look on Craigslist for a sweet deal?  And that HE did!  Thanks hubs! I may or may not get up 20 minutes earlier for a little “pick me up” in the morning…we’ll see!

5. I finished 32 conferences in 2 days. They were the EASIEST ones I have ever done in 7 years because these parents are SUPER involved in their students and MOST were very aware of their children’s abilities.  AMAZING!  Thank you parents!  They all showed up too!  First time EVER!

6. Friday night The Boy and I enjoyed a nice meal of crockpot fajitas thanks to my PTA!  I know right?!?!?  They sent us an email about two weeks ago asking for our order.  I about fainted!  We had 3 choices and then each one had a list of ingredients that were going to  be used but we could “opt” out of any of them.  The meals were brought to our school fridge on October 31st along with a VERY yummy dessert!  I need a shirt that says “I LOVE MY PTA!”  Thank you special mommies!!!

7. My aunt/cousin is in town from Indiana to see my Great Aunt who is her Mother in Law.  Are you still with me?  Anyway, I haven’t seen her in a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time (over 12 years!) and it was so good to see her yesterday.  She brought back so many memories for me…specifically the time I went to Hong Kong and stayed with her and her family (they lived there) for 2 weeks when I was in 6th grade!!!! Crazy!!!!  But so fun though!  I am going to refrain from posting a pic because lord knows we don’t need to remember the permed bangs and WAY too baggy of clothes I was wearing!

8.  I am watching “Katie”…she is doing a recap of Sandy.  HORRIBLY HORRIBLY devastating.  So incredibly hard to watch.

9.  My mom pulled this picture out of who knows where the other day.  It’s my father at about age 3 or 4.  She brought it to my grandma’s birthday party to show everyone what a similarity it was to my cousin’s little boy, Chase who is 2.  When Chase saw the picture he said, “Chase?” then his sister who is 3 said the same thing! I think it’s so cute!

10.  Yesterday I was running downstairs to grab my kids from recess.  I see two former students of mine in the hall. Student A says, “Hey Mrs. ______________(insert my new last name here)” and I said, “Hi there!” and Student B whispers to her…”Why did you call her that?!?!?! That’s not her name!!!!”  and Student A says, “No no she changed it!”  and Student B says, “Why?”  and Student A says, “Because she felt like it I guess!”


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…we’ll try this again!”

  1. Liser November 6, 2012 at 6:00 am #

    Your PTA rocks! Good work on the conferences and YES I want to see a picture of you from Hong Kong

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