Ten Things That Happened On Thanksgiving Break…

25 Nov

1. I had a sleepover with my two favorite seven year olds who also happened to be my flower girls! Hubs was out of town so we whooped it up!  Pizza, Madagascar 3, and Fro Yo!

2.  The Hubs, our friend from camp, David, and I went to Apizza Scholls which is a pretty popular Portland place.
It was good don’t get me wrong, but nothing to write home to mom about.

3.  I had lunch with the Hubs (because that only happens on non-school days).

4.  My Auntie Pat, passed away. =(

5.  I learned that the next door neighbor NEVER leaves her house…EVER! Seriously NEVER EVER!

6.  I worked on some orders for my Etsy shop.  If you didn’t know I had an Etsy shop check it out!  My button is over there——->

7.  I bought A LOT of gifts and am feeling really good about my Christmas shopping!

8.  I folded A LOT of laundry TWICE!  I am not looking forward to having children ONLY for the reason of even more laundry! (No, I am not pregnant either!)

9. I took care of some more name changes, closing accounts, etc…you know things you are supposed to do after you get married. =)

10. I rode my bike a lot.  Don’t be jealous. This is my exact bike, but mine has streamers on the handlebars.  However, this is just a picture I found on Google Images.  Hey, it does the job!


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