Lisa and Baby Mulva’s Baby Shower

6 Jan

Last Sunday I threw a baby shower for one of my friends Lisa.  She’s due March 23rd (hopefully March 19th!) with Baby Mulva!  Her name is not really Mulva but her brother in law named the babe that so that’s what we are calling it!

Here are some pics from the shower. Lucky for me my personal photographer Heidi was there!

032 This is Lisa with her mom (left of Lisa) and her two aunts.

Lisa with some outfit of a team I don’t recognize.


Cupcakes that didn’t look amazing but THEY WERE!026

Peppermint Jo Jo’s (from Trader Joe’s) made into Cake Balls.  LOVE!025 023 022 021 020

Loving the jar as a glass trend!


One Response to “Lisa and Baby Mulva’s Baby Shower”

  1. Lisa January 6, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    It was a great baby shower. Thanks for hosting!

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