When in doubt…tweet about it!

14 Jan

So for Christmas my mother wanted a new set of dishes.  I ordered a nice set off Macys.com.  Who doesn’t love online shopping?  I got a great deal due to some sale going on (don’t they always have a sale?) and the dishes showed up within the week.  Except it was missing 4 bowls…but the packing slip didn’t reflect that.  It said everything had been shipped.  I should have known from there it wasn’t going to be good.  I promptly emailed customer service (like the sheet said) and they emailed back saying they would have the bowls shipped asap.  3 days later there was a box at my front door.  I was thrilled my shopping for mother was almost complete.  Except…there was only 1 bowl.  UGH..so I emailed customer service again.  Kindly explaining that there must have been a mistake and I was still in need for 3 more bowls.  It was getting closer to Christmas now.  They informed me to call them at my earliest convenience to hurry the process.  So I called and talked to a very nice gal on the phone.  (why didn’t I get this nice gal’s name??????)  She said they would send the rest of the bowls and she was very sorry.  Christmas came and went and no bowls.  So I waited a few more days because you know…holiday rush and all…(and I HATE confrontation of any sort.)  Still no bowls.  I emailed again and there was actually an option to click on a form that said, “missing something from the order”.  2 days later an “EZ Exchange” giftcard showed up in the mail for what I assume was the bowls, but there was no explanation.  I WAS DONE!  There was a reason I ordered online…1) to avoid the mall because I am not a fan…I haven’t been since the 8th grade 2) to avoid the other crazy shoppers…why not order online and it ships for free?  Why would I waste gas?  So then I realize the giftcard isn’t even for half of what they were worth full price and I sure as heck didn’t get them 50% off originally!  So like I said, “I was done and it wasn’t worth my time.”  I ran to the mall picked up my three bowls and I was done.  Then I got more mad thinking about it so I tweeted them.  I have heard that’s the best way to get customer service nowadays…TECHNOLOGY!  Within about 2 hours I had a reply asking to email them (at a different address than the customer service one was) and with 15 hours I had 3 bowls being shipped to me and could keep the “eZ Exchange card” for all the hassle.  CHA-CHING!  Thank you.  And that my friends is customer service.  I made sure to tweet them a nice tweet too =)

They sent the “1” bowl in a GIGANTIC box!  I actually was convinced until I picked up the box that they had sent the whole set again!



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