1 Mar

Today my student teacher (who is the and I gave my students the Winter Writing Assessment.  The topic was they had to write a “How to” story.  We let them choose.  We’ve been working on said topics for about 3 weeks or so.  They are very familiar with them and pretty darn good at them too.  Here’s one of my favorites that we found while reading through them after school.  Perfectly executed!!!  I am very proud of her.nailpainting2First, go in the bathroom.  Next, get the nail polish from the curberd and get you towel from the closet.  Pick out the color you want on your nails.  Then twist open the bottle of nailpolish.

nailpainting1Then, put the hand you want to paint first on the towel.  Next take the brush for the nail polish and paint all your nails.  Last do the same thing wtih you other hand. then BOOM you are pretty


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