This is magic

5 Jun

ImagePeople…these may look like balloons but they are really MAGIC!  Maybe better than Elf on the Shelf.  I got this idea on Pinterest.  Last Friday we made of list of things the kids wanted to do at least once more before the end of the year.  (Did you know we only have 5 school days left?…we aren’t counting or anything)  This included things like “Heads Up 7up”, No Daily 5, Show and Tell for everyone, etc.  I edited the list without them knowing then my fabulous Monday mama put them on small pieces of paper and loaded them into the balloons.  She hung them on the wire and the kids were in awe not knowing what they were for.  Here’s how it goes…when I need them to do something well, fast or just be quiet for 15 minutes (because we used to be able to do that before June got here and now I have no idea why we can’t do that anymore!) I say, “If you can do X I’ll pop a balloon!”  Oh man those kids move quickly let me tell you!  The anticipation of that balloon being popped is just about more than they can handle and they hoot and holler when I read the prize and they cheer like I have won a gold medal!  Now as the teacher you get to make all the rules.  Like yesterday I pulled “show and tell”…well we can’t do it right then so that’s saved for tomorrow and we can pop another one!  The next one we popped was “No Daily 5″…well what in the world was I going to do with them for 2.5 hours instead of Daily 5?  Oh wait that’s right our Talent Show was scheduled for those 2.5 hours anyway…and they had no idea we weren’t going to do Daily 5 today!  BOOM!  Teacher=1 Kids=0!

This is a great thing.  Next time I may record what color balloons different things are in because sometimes you just need a spur of the moment free choice and you NEED to know what balloon it’s in!


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