Birth Story Part 2

27 Apr

Okay I must have been in a hurry because I left off the last part kind of weird…

So the next we woke up fairly early…we were having a BABY!!!

Everyone on the surgery team came in to introduce themselves. It was so nice to meet everyone not drugged up. They prepped me…I won’t share the details. I sent Husband downstairs to eat because there’s no need for anyone else to starve or pass out!

We were ready to roll as soon as hubs dressed in his daddy jumpsuit. It was tight lets just say. We walked to the operating room. He had to stay outside until they got me lying down and drugged up. Everyone on the team said hello again. We discussed what music I’d like to have on and went with some Jack Johnson. I sat on the edge of the table bent over ready for the epidural. Someone “presented me” to the team giving all my info. They did a check of instruments and we were set. I hugged my nurse and hunched my back. (That’s what they tell you to do…I don’t just hug random nurses) The first sting went in and nothing…hmm…they did a second try and nothing…then all the sudden a horrible rush of pain. The nurse talked me through it but informed me it still didn’t work. He tried for a third…nothing. He called for back up thank goodness. Apparently I was one of those people who was difficult to get the epidural right. So the other anesthesiologist came in and got it right away. Warm and fuzzy right down the legs. They helped me lie down and then I realized it was not a good feeling. I felt like someone cemented me to the table. All the sudden I felt like I was going to puke but that couldn’t be because who pukes during surgery? I yelled to them because all I could see were people rushing around and I was afraid they wouldn’t hear me. Someone came right away with a little puke bag. I did some deep breathing and it passed. The hubs was brought in to sit at my head. Seconds later we heard “she’s a big one” and then she cried! Best sound ever…then the nausea came again! I started dry heaving lying on my back. Horrible feeling!!!! I’m supposed to be happy and joyful…instead I’m trying not to vomit! Right when they pulled her out the doctor said, “dad stand up and see her.” My husband had not one clue about C-sections so he stood up and got a little more than he bargained for. He immediately sat right back down and the doctor asked if he wanted a picture and his reply was “no thanks”. I think the view behind the curtain was more than he had bargained for! He was taken to the side to take pics while they weighed her and whatever else. We took a couple of “looking hot in our hospital garb” family pics and the nurse said, “what’s her name?”. I looked at him and he said, “Emory” without hesitation. Emory Stephanie (Stephanie was after my late sister) had arrived 3.5 weeks early weighing in at 8lbs. 1 oz. and 20 inches long…we think. She had been breech so her legs were up like a frog and wouldn’t relax while they measured. Hubs was able to join the nurse to take video of her first bath while I was stitched up. We met again in recovery where I got to do skin to skin and try not to fall asleep. I was sooooo tired and could barely keep my eyes open. In the meantime hubs ran out to the waiting room to show my mom the video and pics. I took a small nap once he got back and then we were wheeled back to our “suite”. Most women talk about a tiny room after delivering. We got to go right back where we had started because she was a preemie (an 8 lb one at that!) we got to be on the high risk floor which was awesome and lots of special treatment! My mom and hubs’ mom were waiting patiently or not so patiently to hold our new little bundle…

Many friends and family came to visit and help welcome her to the world. We are so grateful to have such amazing people in her life. We had an amazing experience in the hospital too!

She is absolutely perfect. She latched for the first time amazingly well and has been a feeding pro ever since. I was asked only a thousand times if I was sure her due date was right. I couldn’t have been more right. Had she come around her due date…we would have had one VERY large girl. I was able to take 5 months off work which was fabulous. She’s doing awesome for our team of babysitters. We couldn’t have asked for a better baby. Back when this all started we were afraid she had a heart arithmia but there’s no sign of anything wrong with her heart! Yay! Hopefully I’ll write more on here to keep a record of her life…it will probably be more of an Emory blog than anything and I don’t mind one bit!


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