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The Birth Story…(according to the last time I wrote on here you didn’t even know I was prego!) Part 1…

21 Apr

I know I haven’t written on my blog in AGES…and really who has time to blog with a newborn?  But I need to so I don’t forget this little treasure of a story.  Apparently I don’t remember some things as it is…drugs people…good drugs.

Here it goes:

Week 34: October 15th I was due for a regular appointment with my Midwife.  During a routine doppler check (I totally made that up and I have no idea if it’s legit or not…you know where they put the thingy on your belly and listen for the heartbeat?) her and I could hear a different sort of sound popping up randomly.  It wasn’t a hiccup…just totally random.  So being proactive she made a call to get me an ultra sound across the parking lot at the high risk clinic. I worried a bit but by the 18th I was put at ease (somewhat) by being told it was just a small arithmia and it would correct itself by the time she was born, but I needed to have a non-stress test before each of my following appointments. This was to ensure that this wasn’t causing her heart rate to increase in which case they would put me on some kind of medication.  We opted not to tell anyone because we didn’t want more worry or discussion of this than necessary.  I am a worrier.  Week 36: October 29th I went into the office for my first non stress test.  My husband met me there.  I got hooked up to the heartrate monitor shortly after arriving.  No action was going on so I would be set free after 20 minutes.  About 18 minutes in…I yawned and my little heart monitor strap moved and the machine went a little crazy.  Well apparently healthcare peeps don’t really like that so they had me hook up for 20 more minutes.  Well apparently little miss had a decel and they didn’t like that so the midwife consulted with an OB next door and they wanted me to head to the hospital for closer monitoring because they had better equipment.  Indeed they did.  The clinic had a machine that looked like it was from 1980, the hospital had a computer. We didn’t really “have time” for this as we had a crazy night of Red Robin and Babies R’ Us in our future.  So I got hooked up at the hospital in triage.  In my mind, I would leave within the hour.  Three hours later…yes, little miss was had another heart decel and they weren’t happy with them.  Three hours later she looked great and we were set to leave.   All I needed was a Biophysical Profile. That’s where the fun begins.  I didn’t pass this ding dang test!  I didn’t even know it was a test.  I would have studied. Soon I was told I had won a stay at Hotel St. Vincent…dang!  No Red Robin for us!  I was low on fluid and that wasn’t even the reason I was there!  Putting all clues together…I was low on fluid, little miss couldn’t move too much and she would lie on her umbilical cord and cause the heart decel.  Seemed logical but that didn’t help my case of needing to go home. I asked immediately what needed to happen so I could be released the next morning. I was instructed to drink as many water bottles full of water as I could that night. I knew not a lot of sleep was in store for me that night. 36 weeks prego+a ton of water=many trips to the bathroom=no sleep…so that was a fun night. My belly was hooked up and my babe had different plans than sleeping. The World Cup was currently in progress in my belly. Which means there was a nurse in my room every five minutes to adjust the monitor. So needless to say after 8- 32 oz water bottles I was ready to get a new BPP and be cleared to leave. Actually…my fluid went down…wah wah wah. Ultra sound tech informed me I’d be staying for awhile…as in until lil miss was ready to come out. So now I was to wait for the midwife on call to come in…she brought a friend named the OB. Two of the sweetest gals ever. We discussed and decided to monitor baby girl for the day to see how she was. In the meantime I was sending cryptique messages to my Bossman. The whole last two months of my pregnancy he pretty much told me everyday “you aren’t going to make it”. So I was determined to. He wasn’t trying to be mean or tell me I was “large” (I don’t think) but I wasn’t as mobile lets just say. So I kept him informed making sure word wasn’t leaked on the streets before we had some decisions made. The OB wanted to keep the little miss inside until 37 weeks (which was five days away!) but keep her/me on the monitor…ugh!!!! We would watch her throughout the day to see how she did. She was having decels everytime I went to the restroom. So four hours later we had a c-section date (the next day…Halloween!!!) and time! Let’s do this! We had Chipotle for the “last supper” and the besties brought us Burgerville pumpkin shakes! Holla! I had some amazing nurses during my stay. The one with me the night before surgery was the same one as the night I checked in. We were pretty much BFFs. She had my back and I had hers. About 11:30pm she brought me cheese, crackers and peanut butter because it was my last time to eat for a LONG time. She sat and explained every detail of what would happen the next day. I had a little sleep aid and slept pretty good considering!