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I wish I was lying…

30 Apr

Mondays are homework day.  I give homework and collect homework. I had a planning day Thursday and a furlough day Friday.  I was out of school Monday and I knew I would be so I had CAREFULLY prepared homework and laid it nicely on the volunteer table.  I am spoiled rotten and have at the VERY LEAST one parent volunteer a day.  My homework mama is the BEST!  I already hired her for next year…she hasn’t accepted yet.  She knows right away if something is missing (I differentiate like mad for my homework), if there’s not enough, etc.  I don’t even have to speak to her and she JUST KNOWS!

This morning I received the following email from her.

Dear TeacherMegPie,

I slightly altered the additional spelling words for the circle group.  I’m not sure whether you wanted them to work on “sit” or “shirt” but you had a cross between those 2 words that I didn’t think you wanted, so I whited out the word and re-copied them so it looked like there was just an extra space.


Homework Mama

I read this quickly as I took attendance on the slowest system known to man.  I blew it off as I was in a hurry, but was so thankful for a mama who just took charge like that so I didn’t look like a dummy with a little typo!

I went to run my reading group and it dawned on me in the middle of group that she didn’t exactly tell me what word I had on there.

I ran to look at the list that was saved on my desktop…this is what it looked like.


I will be accepting my award for “Teacher of the Year” next week…